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Ghillie Suits For Maximum Camouflage

Ghillie Suits For Maximum Camouflage

Ghillie military uniforms offer the best tactical advantage of all uniforms…

Ghillie military suits give a tactical advantage like no other uniform. With individual strands designed to replicate heavy foliage, the Ghillie suit is the most lightweight camouflage hunting blind available.

First utilized by Scottish gamekeepers, Lovat Scouts of the British Army became the first military branch to use the suits during the Second Boer War, 1879 – 1915.

ghillie suit

Ghillie Military Uniform

Image Credit: Michael Tolzmann, U.S. Army, 2010.

Ghillie suits are basically Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs) or Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs), with individual strands of thread – typically made of jute, burlap or synthetic thread – sewn directly onto the uniform, as apposed to being attached to netting.

Available color schemes cover pretty much the full range of camouflage including Dessert, MARPAT, ACU, Sunokamo, Woodland, and standard black, army green etc.

ghillie military uniforms

Different Colors of Ghillie Military Uniforms

Image Credit: Rakuten, 2012.

While military grade Ghillie uniforms can cost a pretty packed to purchase in good condition – due to the cost of the high quality materials and the 80 + man hours it requires to stich the ghillie strands into the suit – you can find cheaper versions online if you’re simply looking for a little extra cover when you’re paintballing or hunting, or even shooting nature documentaries.

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