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Quadski one man ATV-Jet Ski

Quadski one man ATV-Jet Ski

Amphibious ATV-Jet Ski operates on All-Terrains, literally…

Gibbs Sports Amphibians has unveiled its new single seat all-terrain vehicle, that also travels on water like a jet ski.
The Quadski can go from land to water in 5 seconds. The transition between the two is almost seamless, with the driver only having the wait for the wheels to fold up before continuing with their journey.

gibbs quadski atv-jet ski

Quadski ATV-Jet Ski

The Quadski is powered by a BMW 1.3-liter four-cylinder motorcycle engine, and has a top speed of 45mpg on both land and water. It weighs 1,300 lbs. and measures 10.5 ft. in length, which unfortunately makes it too big to fit on your average pick up truck or trailer. Still, for the commercial market it’s certainly one of its kind.

Gibbs’ hopes to begin manufacturing and sales of the Quadski next month. It will be available in black, silver, blue, red, and yellow, and will sell for $40,000.

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  1. Gibbs demoes ATV-Jet Ski mashup. Cnet, 10/15/2012.
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