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Google Android Open Source Operating System For Mobile Phones

Google Android Open Source Operating System For Mobile Phones

Google Deny G Phone Rumors and Release Google Android Operating System For Mobile Phones.

Google finally made its move into the mobile phone industry earlier this year with the release of Android, and open source operating system for mobile phones based on Linux operating system.

Google Android

With the release of Android, Google have firmly shot down the rumors regarding the G Phone. Nevertheless Google’s Android platform promises great things for the future of mobile phone software.

Due to open nature of the platform, the development of software and applications for Android has only just begun.

To encourage developers to come up with unique and innovative ideas, Google are offering 10 million dollars in donations which is to be split amongst the best 50 applications.

The winners have already been announced so if you are interested in finding out who will be responsible for the new generation of Android applications, jump on over to Google to get the latest news.

For those of you who are interested in developing software for Android, the software development kit SDK, is available to download from Google. The SDK includes everything you need to start developing your own applications including, development and debugging tools, a set of libraries, a device emulator, documentation, sample projects, FAQs and a bunch of tutorials.

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