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Google Releases New Web Browser Chrome

Google Releases New Web Browser Chrome

Google Celebrates Tenth Birthday, Releases New Web Browser Chrome and Lays Down Big Plans For the Future.

With the release of Google’s Chrome Browser, founders of the multi-billion dollar enterprise, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are celebrating the company’s 10th birthday while promising more years of expansion for the Internet giants.

When Larry and Sergey founded Google Inc back in 1998, they had little more than four computers, an investor’s $100,000 backing and a whole lot of faith in their project.

Founders of Google - Larry Page and Sergey Brin

10 years on and the partners, both 35 and worth nearly $19 billion apiece, still have huge plans ahead.
Google have risen to become a gargantuan computer network that has redefined media, marketing and technology. Currently Google employ around 20,000 staff who will help the Internet giants surpass the $20 billion threshold for the first time by the end of the fiscal year.

With the Google firmly at the top of their game it’s hard to imagine what could possibly come next. Bigger plans will inevitably lead to heightened concerns regarding privacy and already, its expanding control over the flow of internet traffic and advertising is raising monopoly issues.

“You can’t do some of the things that they are trying to do without eventually facing some challenges from the government and your rivals,”

Said Danny Sullivan, who has followed Google since its inception and is now editor-in-chief of SearchEngineLand.

Even now, the U.S. antitrust regulators are challenging Google’s plans to sell ads for Yahoo Inc. Privacy watchdogs have also sharpened their attention to the stores of potentially sensitive information about the 650 million people who use its search engine homepage, Gmail, Google maps, YouTube or any other of the companies subsidiaries.

If all the pressure on Google inspires new laws that restrict the companies’ data collection, it could make the search engine less relevant and its ad network less profitable.

The help protect interests, Google has hired lobbyists to lend a good word in the ears of lawmakers, it has also ramped up its public relations staff to sway opinion as management prepares to endeavor in new ventures

“Google will keep pushing the envelope,” predicted John Battelle, who wrote a book about the company and now runs Federated Media, a conduit for Internet publishers and advertisers. “It’s one of the things that seems to make them happy.”

A prime example of Google’s relentless expansion is the release of the companies new web browser, Google Chrome. In a time when Firefox and Internet Explorer are going head-to-head, Google holds it head up high and enters the game, and enters the game well.

download Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome:

Google’s Chromium project has finally released its beta version of the new open source internet browser, Google Chrome. Chrome already is already claiming more than 1% share of all internet browsers in use, a number which is expected to grow rapidly.

Googles New Web Browser Google Chrome

Released for Windows XP on Sept 2nd, Chrome is available in 43 languages and will be available for Mac and Linux soon.

Chrome performed well in benchmark tests by the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark tool, as well Google’s own tools including ray tracing and constraint solving. Each test unanimously report that Chrome performs much faster than competitors like Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Chrome is also up-to-date with its security protocols. The browser periodically downloads updates of two blacklists (one for malware, one for phishing) and warns users when they are about to visit a harmful site.

There is also a private browsing feature called “incognito mode”, this allows the user to surf without leaving a history of what sites were visited (similar to the private browsing feature available in Apple’s Safari and the latest beta version of Internet Explorer 8.

“One box for everything. Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.”

The single address bar also doubles as a search bar and suggests popular sites, or sites you have previously visited, as you type. You can also navigate to your favorite sites using the new thumbnail browsing function.

“Thumbnails of your top sites. Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.”

So aside from managing its new $3.2 billion acquisition of online marketing service DoubleClick Inc; as well as its second largest acquisition, YouTube, what does Google have planned for the future?

Over the next ten years the company plan to better connect their services to cell phones and other mobile devices, but plans for the future do not stop there, Google have a lengthy to-do-list that includes:

Making digital copies of the world’s books and public health records, help steer energy usage away from fossil fuels, sell computer programs to businesses over the Internet; and tweak its search engine so it can better understand life-like human requests.

“There are people who think we are plenty full of ourselves right now, but from inside at least, it doesn’t look that way,” said Craig Silverstein, Google’s technology director and the first employee hired by Page and Brin. “I think what keeps us humble is realizing how much further we have to go.”

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