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Google Instant

Google Instant

Google’s new Instant search ushers in new era of predicted search results…

Google has unveiled its new Instant search that returns results as the user types, without pressing Enter.

Avid Google searchers will have noticed the company predicting searxch terms for some while now, but the new Instant search goes a step further by automatically returning results, and modifying them as the user continues to type.

Google claims the new system can save between two to five seconds on every search, translated globally, that works out to 11 hours saved every second.

google instant

Google Instant

The company has described the new Instant feature as a “search at the speed of thought”.

But what does the new search mean for those companies fighting for top spot on keyword search results?

According to the UK’s Telegraph, Search Engine Optimizers who had voiced concerns over how Google Instant may change SEO and Internet marketing need not worry, as the new tool does not alter the core system used for ranking and deciding relevant results.

So, is everyone happy with the new feature?

Although Google claim its new ‘Instant’ to be lighting quick, if you’re based where Internet speeds are lagging behind the rest of the world, you’ll no doubt have noticed the blank glitches the search engine experiences whilst waiting for a not so instant Internet. In fact sometimes, Instant automatically turns itself off due to a bad Internet connection.

If this happens often, believe me it can get annoying. Thankfully, Google did include an option to disable Instant search. After searching from the home page, you’ll see a dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the search box labeled ‘Instant is on’, here you can chose to turn off Google Instant if you so wish.

Extend Instant Search Results Across Other Websites

If you’re getting on well with Google Instant and you’d like to use that ability across other websites, a site called Instantise has a collection of Instant clones that return Instant searches for websites such as Youtube, iTunes, Flickr, Twitter, Hacker News, Reddit and many more.

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