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Google OS Chrome

Google OS Chrome

An an attempt to re-think what an operating system should be like, Google have announced its forthcoming Chrome OS.

Nine months after launching the new Chrome web browser, Google have just given word of it’s next project – the Chrome Operating System.

Scheduled for release next year, Google’s new OS promises to be lightweight, secure and free. A snippet from the Official Google blog reads:

“Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. Because we’re already talking to partners about the project, and we’ll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.”

The Chrome OS will be based on the open-source Linux kernel. Google says it will be “lightweight” and will run on x86 or ARM processors. Chrome also has a new windowing system.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS

“Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We’re designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds. The user interface is minimal to stay out of your way, and most of the user experience takes place on the web.”

One of the key specifications of Google’s Chrome OS, is that security will be so good, users will not have to deal with viruses, malware and spyware. Google claim to have achieved this top notch security by reworking the entire architecture the Chrome OS is built upon:

“And as we did for the Google Chrome browser, we are going back to the basics and completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. It should just work.”

Google plans to offer the OS for use on a wide array of devices, however we can expect to see Chrome OS incorporated in new laptops and netbooks first.

“I have serious doubts about their claims simply because an operating system must execute code and malware is code,” says Dave Marcus, director of security research and communications for McAfee Avert Labs.

“Malware takes on many forms, including JavaScript malware, which Google’s Chrome is still vulnerable to,”
added Robert Hansen, CEO of SecTheory.

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