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GoPro Cameras Train Athletes To Perform Better

GoPro Cameras Train Athletes To Perform Better

GoPro cameras don’t just help capture extreme sports stunts; they also help athletes train better…

The versatility of GoPro cameras has been picked up by athletes to help improving training and performance.

POV camera’s, often used by extreme athletes to capture their crazy stunts first hand, are now becoming a useful tool for other sports such as downhill skiing, cycling, and sailing.

The small devices provide unique perspectives that coaches and athletes can analyze in order to find out what they might be doing wrong, and what they are already getting correct.

lindsey vonn olympic gold medalist trains gopro camera

Lindsey Vonn Olympic Skier Uses GoPro Cameras To Train

Image Credit: Jon Wick, 2010.

“It’s been a huge help. I use it on my helmet so I can go back and visualize the course and compare it to what I see. It’s not a normal video the coaches do; it’s your personal point of view.” [Wired]

Analyzing video is by no means a new method of getting the most out of training, however the technique was typically limited to football and other mainstream sports, since film equipment used to be large and expensive. Bulky equipment also had restrictions when it comes to follow fast-moving subjects close up.

The new generation of high-quality compact video camera has solved those problems and opened up the world of filming to all.

With the ability to capture from various angles in such close proximity to the subject, coaches and athletes now have a way to analyze the slight movements that might make a difference – a bending of the knee for skiers, the head movement of an MMA fighter.

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