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Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

ITW Military GSE is a leading manufacturer of fighter aircraft ground support equipment.

In the military, the supply chain is one of the most important aspects of any operation. If it is broken, the troops at the very end, who are actually engaged in the fighting, can be cut off from the very things that they need to continue fighting. Often, far more people are involved in keeping this chain working properly than are involved in engaging the enemy.

For instance, it could all start with a procurement officer buying ground support equipment at He will look at reports to see what is needed and he will place the order, but he will never see the equipment. It will simply be shipped to the nearest military hub, which is the first step in the chain. This could be a base in country or one in a safe zone outside of the country.

After that, the equipment will be transported to another base that is closer to the front. This is often known as a fire base. The equipment may be used there if the front line is forced to fall back, but it will most likely step into the last leg of its journey, being taken right to the front lines. Even there, the equipment may only be a way to get guns, ammunition, bullet proof vests, or other items into the hands of the troops. The whole supply chain could span entire continents, meaning that it is rather fragile, and a lot of care has to go into ensuring that it does not break down.

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