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Replacement Laptop Battery Hack

Replacement Laptop Battery Hack

Laptop Battery Hack Video To Save Money Instead of Buying a New Laptop Replacement Battery

Don’t throw away your dead laptop batteries, check out this video and see if this laptop battery hack works for you. Great way to save money on having to pay for new battery replacements for any notebook pc.

If you try this out, please remember we can’t be held responsible for your actions so please be fair leaving comments if anything goes wrong! It is for information purpose only!

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  1. Could some senior officers in Procurement, Logistics and/or Materials research please please take note? And take action? The DOD is being ripped off by the way computer manufacturers configure the batteries for laptops. Greater efficiency is possible. Non-propriarity interchangeability should be demanded and the market should be opened up to outside battery suppliers. The technology already exists for small form fuel cells suitable for laptops and other equipment. Why is DOD not demanding this? What are the excuses? I hope there is an action response to this suggestion. Wake up folks..!!

  2. Great comment. This concept is the same for printer cartridges. It is not ethical for these “hacks” and often when a contract is signed with DoD there are good warranty incentives, quick delivery, and high quality replacement and additional parts. It may even be a breech of the contract.

    Price is not everything, but the truth is the companies make their money this way. Competition is so fierce, they try hard to get the price as low as possible. They make the profit on the additional items and replacement parts.

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