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Hack Your PS2 With Memor32 Memory Card Modification

Hack Your PS2 With Memor32 Memory Card Modification

Play PS2 games from your hard drive! The Memor32 - A Memory Card Modification - can hack your PS2 without the need for a chipmod. Watch The Video.

Tired of getting out of the lazy boy to change games in your PS2? Well now you might not have to. A new firmware update for Memor32, the PS2 modchip on a memory card promises to allow your none chipped Playstation to play an entire library of games direct from the comforts of your own USB hard drive.

New Firmware For Memor32 Mod Chip

New Firmware For Memor32 Mod Chip

A group of Russian hackers named Memento are responsible for the firmware handiwork. The memory card chip mod couldn’t be simpler to use, now all that’s left is to get our hands on one to see how well it actually performs.

For those of you who own an older PS2 (the bulky version), there is another equally simple hack. HD Loader comes in the form of a DVD and can also hack your Playstation without the need for a chip mod. Using the PS2’s 3.5″ IDE slot and a network adapter, simply hook up your hard drive and run HD Loader in PS2.The HD loader has been around for some two years now but it may not have gained great popularity due to reports of compatibility issues; let’s hope the new update from the Russians will run a little smoother.

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  1. Looks all great and all, i’m convinced, me want…

    But wouldn’t it be SUPER if you could play PS3 games on your PS2 console with this device?! Than everybody want…

    This looks like a job for the finest hackers on this planet…

  2. err.. LOL. so u could play ps2 games wiht Ps1 :))

    ur comment is the funniest thing that i ever heard so far 🙂

  3. Wouldnt it be great if we could fly AND play ps3 games in our ps2!?

  4. k so were do we get the program and wut do the ps2 games on the hdd have to be like wut file typ iso ?

  5. can i install this software in any memory card ??? i have sony’s 8mb memory card

    • I can’t be too sure, but it seems like it should work just as well. Give it a try and let us know!

  6. does it also work on a ps2 made in china because the one in the video is japan

  7. I have a slimline ps2 and a 750gig usb hdd and this works great. I have all my games on a hard drive and i dont have to get up to swap disks… All you need is this device, 3 files, and a iso copy of the game you want to play(dvd decrypter can help with that). Keep in mind that if you download an iso game, thats illegal. Always use an original disk(not your friends, an original you bought)

  8. where do u get one

  9. Or where can i get a memo 32 card with the software included?

  10. like how do u do it without all this trouble

  11. memory lock hoy achea

  12. Can this play avi or divx files?

  13. plz how do i hack my ps2 dvd games into memory card,so that i can play my ps2 without a disk.
    how can i also play ps3 gamesin my ps2?thanks All.

  14. me want now

  15. wouldnt it be nice if we could just drink booze all day and play
    with our ps2 ! ?

  16. Will this work with USB drive instead of HHD?
    Can I save in a USB instead of the memory card?

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