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New Hi-Res Digital Night Vision

New Hi-Res Digital Night Vision

SA Photonics unveils new hi-resolution digital night vision head-mounted display…

SA Photonics’, a California-based company that specializes in developing various photonic devices from high-bandwidth optical communications to augmented reality head mounted displays, has developed a new high resolution night vision that overcomes two of the technology’s major flaws.

Night vision has proved to be a key technology on the battlefield, but the minor improvements over its 30 years in use have never been able to address the systems low resolution and restricted field of view. But SA Photonics’ new system, known as High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS), now offers pilots a wider field of vision and higher resolution images.

hi res digital night vision

SA Photonics HRNVS Night Vision

By utilizing a partial binocular overlap, the HRNVS increases the horizontal field to 82.5 degrees, more than double before. Even with the binocular overlap, the head-mounted device does not block peripheral view, the center of gravity has also been adjusted making it more comfortable for the pilot. In additional the imaging technology has also been improved for low-light capturing.

These improvements will significantly increase the situational awareness of pilots, whilst also producing more detailed images for analysis.

The technology was developed in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Army’s Night Vision Laboratory and Vision Systems International, and will be used by both commercial and military pilots.

The High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS), was presented by Dr. Michael Browne, SA Photonics’ Vice President of Product Development, at the 2011 SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Symposium in Orlando on Thursday, April 28th.

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