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DIY Emergency Cellphone Charger

DIY Emergency Cellphone Charger

Make a DIY battery charger with this simple $5 dollar hack.....

There are many situations when a DIY emergency cellphone charger would save the day> Well, if you have access to a few cheap parts (say, from a local Radio Shack store) you could be making that all important phone call in no time.

To rig your emergency charger you will need, a few AA batteries, a four AA battery tray, two wires (red and black), two alligator clips, and a paperclip.


The first thing you should do is check the voltage on your phone battery, most run at 3.7 volts, however it is extremely important to double check this as it will let you calculate how many AA batteries you need.

To provide enough power to charge the battery, you’ll need to slightly exceed the phone battery’s voltage – use too few and your device won’t charge, use too many and you’ll burnout the whole thing.

AA batteries are 1.5 volts, so to charge a 3.7 volt battery you’ll need 3 AA batteries, totaling 4.5 volts.

To make your DIY charger place the three batteries in the tray. Then take the paper clip and bend it into shape (as seen in picture). Because only 3 batteries are being used, the paper clip serves as a handy switch to complete the circuit.

Next you need to connect the wires. Crimp and clip the red wire to + positive, and the black wire to – negative. The phone battery will have a series of metal contacts, so look for the two symbols pointing out the + and – contacts.

As an extra safety precaution, you could connect your clips to a voltmeter to confirm that you batteries are providing the correct voltage.

Make sure the clips don’t come into contact with each other, otherwise the whole thing will short circuit. Once the clips are connected and the circuit is complete, your device will start charging.

Since this DIY rig is in its most stripped down form, there is nothing to limit the current, or stop it from over heating. For this reason, you should only charge the battery for 10 mins at a time. You should also keep your eye on the battery to make sure it doesn’t get hot – if it does, unplug the battery ASAP.

This hack can charge any cellphone battery, with the exception of the iPhone which can not easily be removed. The hack will also work with a number of different devices – some devices may require more batteries, larger C or D cells or a larger battery tray, but the process is basically the same – see the guide below.


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