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Machete Shooting Slingshot

Machete Shooting Slingshot

Joerg Sprave’s homemade machete firing slingshot...

I’m not really sure whether this qualifies as a slingshot or crossbow, although the slimlined design would probably have it labeled under the former category. Nevertheless, this simple weapon can be extremely devastating, given the right circumstance of course.

As with all slingshots or crossbow, the fire mechanism makes use of a band of rubber. With the rubber contort and hooked atop a simple lifting mechanism, one easy push launches the machete from the weapon, with a rather amazing albeit short-range, accuracy.

machete firing crossbow

Machete Shooting Slingshot

As Sprave describes in the video, the slingshot is so long because the rubber needed to exert enough force to fire the heavy machete. And although Sprave only fires into a cardboard sheet, I’m betting is that with a couple more rotations, the machete could possibly hit a target further away.

As you may have noted from the clip, Sprave is a guy infatuated wih slingshot-type weapons. For a start his videos take on the branding of the SlingShot Channel, and the bonus clip featured in the last two minutes shows Sprave demonstrating two slicker, extremely effective home-made slingshots.

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