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How To Block Spam

How To Block Spam

Tips on how to keep spam out of your inbox...

Spam is the most invasive form of advertising on the Internet. Everyday untold amounts of Spam (in excess of several billions) are sent out to inboxes all over the world, and this trend, which has steadily risen over the last decade, has done nothing more than frustrate, annoy and confuse e-mail users.

The low cost of advertising using Spam has encourage thousands of companies, selling get rich quick schemes, radical weight-loss programs, quasi-legal services, pharmaceuticals and many other dubious products, to harvest the Internet for e-mail addresses and flood them with junk mails.

How To Block Spam

So what can we do to counteract the practices of these spammers? Well for a start, you should know that your web hosting company are doing all they can to filter spam at the server level. Without the anti-spam filters and DNS spam blacklists the server employs to stop these nonsense e-mails, end users would be inundated with spam.

It’s almost impossible to avoid spam. We don’t pretend to offer a complete solution. But we do offer you a little help in keeping your email address out of the hands of spammers.

Keep Your Email Under Wraps

As the end user, it’s important to be vigilant when giving out your e-mail address. Whenever you put your e-mail address on a website, say, in the comments section or in a forum, you are publicly publishing this address for all to see. Spammers set up ‘spiders’ to constantly crawl through websites and rip these addresses, so it’s a good idea not to use your most important ones to go public.

Use Multiple Email Addresses

To help keep certain Email addresses private, you should set up other Email addresses to receive newsletters, comment on websites or forums, or sign-up at non-trustworthy subscriptions. Also try not to give your e-mail to anyone other than closest associates, friends and family. When you use public websites, forums, chats, and groups; you should consider this option since the Email address will be available to the members.

Disposable Email Address for Temporary Use

Many website will ask for you to validate your account by clicking a secure link in an Email delievered to the address you sumbitted to their website. Reputable websites do this to protect against SPAM and robots from registering and to ensure they establish Email communication with their users. However, malicious websites have caught on to this security trend and exploit it by posing as a website offering free services when actually it is a decoy to capture Email address. It is important to remember “Nothing is Free” and this definately holds true on the internet. Many have become spoiled and naive from the internet and the easy access to information and data.

If you are unsure about a website and wish to register but have to give up your Email address; you should use a disposable Email Address for temorary use. When ever you give out your Email address you are comprimising security and offering the receiver access to send you Email and possibly others as well if they decide to share/sell your address.

We Recommend Visiting:

Most of websites offering temporary Email addresses are free, but have restrictions (i.e. addresses expire after a set time). It is important to search out the website that offers the most ideal service for your needs. Obviously if you are not visiting random websites a free disposable Email address is best. However, if you are proactively seeking to get rid of SPAM, a more aggressive website that offers additional SPAM reduction services may be more ideal.

Delete your Catch-All Email Addresses

The Catch-all mail box feature is designed to pickup Emails closely matching the spelling of your e-mail address. This helps avoid losing or not receiving Emails due to misspelling. Unfortunately spammers can exploit this feature by using dictionary attacks on your domain name, then sending spam to all those address likely to be picked up by your Catch-all mail box. By deleting you Catch-all e-mail addreses, you are locking down entry to your inbox via one specific e-mail address.

Install Anti-Spam Filter Software

Although your web hosting company are trying their best to filter out spam, it is not possible to block all spam. As the end user it’s a good idea to protect your inbox by installing a spam block or spam filter on your PC. In a simliar fashion to firewalls, you can configure what type of e-mails have access to your inbox.

Never Open Attachments From Unknown Sources

Simple, attachments from people you do not know are bad, most of them they contain viruses and other malicious applications. By downloading and opening these attachments you are likely installing malicious code on your computer.

Never Reply To Spam Email

To help streamline their efforts, spammers are always trying to find Email addresses that are operational. By replying to spam Emails, you are informing the spammer that your Email address is live and operated by an careless user.

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