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How to Delete Apps From iPhone

How to Delete Apps From iPhone

How to delete apps from Apple’s iPhone…

Deleting Apps from an iPhone is another straightforward process that can actually be quite confusing to those not in the know.

The easiest and most visually pleasing way of deleting apps is by holding any icon until they begin to vibrate. A small X should pop up on the corner of the app, simply click the button to remove the app.

how to delete iphone apps

How To Delete iPhone Apps

Another way to remove an app from your iPhone is to use iTunes:

  • To do this connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the device when it pops up in the left hand sidebar menu.
  • Then go to Apps and you’ll see all your apps. Depending on which version of iTunes you’re running you can remove apps either by clicking the X the pops up in the corner, or by command + clicking the icon and selecting delete.
  • The next time you connect your iPhone to your computer you may receive a prompt stating that iTunes has found purchased items on the iPhone… click ‘do not transfer’ to make sure that iTunes does not reinstall your deleted application.

To completely wipe the files (some times left behind after deleting) you can locate the folder here:

  • Users/your_name/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications

If you have a jailbroken iPhone with apps from Cydia:

  • You can uninstall unwanted apps by opening Cydia and navigating to the Manage tab along the bottom toolbar.
  • From here click on the Packages tab and you’ll see your list of apps.
  • Click on the app you wish to remove, then hit Modify > Remove > Confirm.

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