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Download Free Apps Without Entering Credit Card Details

Download Free Apps Without Entering Credit Card Details

Downloads Apps from the App Store without using your credit card details…

There are hundreds of free apps available for download from the Apple App Store, to install them on your iPhone all that’s needed is to sign in using an Apple ID, find the app, click the Free icon, then click Install and everything happens automatically.

If it’s your first time downloading an app, you’ll be prompted to use your Apple ID to sign into iTunes. However as some of you may have found out, entering credit card details can be a ‘required’ field, and you won’t be able to continue without punching in your digits.

Since the app you’re trying to download is free, it seems ridiculous to have to give up your banking details. But this isn’t always the case, some users will find the option to select ‘none’ in the credit card field and be able to proceed with the install hassle free.

how to download free apps from app store

Register Apple ID iTunes Account Without Credit Card

But if you’re one of those having problems downloading free apps this little workaround will allow you to carry on, without entering your account details.

The problem appears to occur when you use an existing Apple ID. So all you need to do is create a new one, and when you reach the App store, you’ll see the option to select ‘None’ under the card details.

If you wish to use your existing email details for your Apple ID, all you need to do is sign to your Apple ID, change your primary email address to another account you use, you’ll then be free to create your new Apple ID with your existing email – if don’t have another email account just create one quickly, you won’t need again except for this quick switch.

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