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How to Permanently Show Hidden Library in OS X

How to Permanently Show Hidden Library in OS X

How to permanently show the hidden Library folder in Mac OS X...

Apple’s OS X operating system is known for its user-friendly intuitiveness – most options are customizable via easy to use settings and preferences options. That said there are still many hacks and tweaks that can only be implemented via the Terminal, or by accessing the ‘hidden’ Library (yes that’s right, there TWO different Library folders) folder in OS X.

Opening the Terminal is simple:

  • Click on Applications > Utilities > Terminal

how to permanently show hidden library folder mac os x

How Unhide The Hidden LIbrary Folder Mac OS X

But typing in command lines isn’t always the method of choice for tweaking setting, sometimes it’s easy to click icons, open files and select and edit fields.

This is where accessing your hidden Library comes in handy. To temporarily un-hide the Library simply:

  • Open Finder > Click the Go dropdown menu > Press alt > Now you’ll see the Library folder popup in the menu.

For those users who require constant access to the hidden Library, a simple Applescript, written by Developer Daniel Jalkut, can permanently show the Library folder.

To implement the script, download the zip file here>>>

  • Unzip the file into script application. You’ll need to keep this file so store it somewhere you remember
  • Open System Preferences
  • Click the Users & Groups icon
  • Select the Login Items tab for the appropriate user
  • Click the + icon and select the download UnhideLibrary script item
  • Log out and back in again.

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