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How To Watch U.S. Only YouTube Videos Outside U.S.

How To Watch U.S. Only YouTube Videos Outside U.S.

Unblock U.S. only videos in YouTube…

Any reader based outside the U.S. will have experienced the annoyance of being blocked from watching videos on YouTube that are not available in your area.

Thankfully there’s a simple work around called ProxyTube, which solves that problem.

The Chrome or Firefox extension simply routes your YouTube stream through a proxy server based in U.S., that way YouTube think’s you’re watching from a U.S. based location.

how to watch us only youtube videos outside us

How To Unblock U.S. Only YouTube Videos

Of course the stability highly depending on your connection, but if you’re pulling a good few mbps through your modem, you should be able to stream clips without too many problems.

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