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HTC Google Tablet

HTC Google Tablet

A HTC/Google touch tablet is rumored to be in development...

The Apple iSlate, Microsoft Courier and NVIDIA’s Tegra-based tablet are collectively causing a storm on the blogosphere, but what about Google? After the release of a new Internet browser, the unveiling of a new operating system, and the confirmation of the highly-anticipated Google smart phone built in collaboration with HTC, it’s not surprising that the Internet giants are now set to release a tablet to compete with the new generation of personal computers.

According to Australian publication Smarthouse, HTC and Google have been collaborating again “for the past 18 months” and have already produced “several working models of a touch tablet,”

Forthcoming HTC Google Tablet

Google HTC Tablet PC

The tablet is said to run the forthcoming Google Chrome OS – And as the company previously promised that the Chrome OS would not be taking over the Android mobile platform, this could be a decision that draws the definitive line between smart phones and computers.

Having wowed the public with the Nexus One, another HTC/Google collaboration sounds promising. But with little information and spec’s, it’s hard to say if the a HTC/Google tablet will be a viable contender against an Apple touch tablet device.

With so few tablets currently on the market, and even less gaining popularity, it surely won’t be long before a vendor takes the lead in what looks set to become the device of 2010.

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