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Japan Gets Hybrid Blu-Ray DVD Discs

Japan Gets Hybrid Blu-Ray DVD Discs

Multi-layered hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD discs on sale in Japan...

Infinity Storage Media has released the first hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD discs in Japan.

The new media has a total storage space of 33.5GB and is backward compatible with existing DVD and Blu-Ray players.

The technology is based on JVC’s 2004 Blu-ray/DVD combo disc, a medium that layers one format on top of the other, making it possible for different lasers to penetrate to the desired depth and read the data.

Infinity Media Hybrid Blu-Ray DVD Disc

The disc is made of 3 layers, the top one offers 25GB of Blu-Ray storage and the two layers beneath hold 8.5GB of DVD data.

The layers are separated by a semi-reflective film, the blue laser accesses the top layer and bounces off the DVD layers, while the red laser penetrates the various layers to get to the DVD information.

The company claims that it has achieved compatibility with 99 percent of tests made on 64 Blu-ray and DVD players and conforms to the Blu-ray Disc specifications released by the Blu-ray Disc Association.

While this technology is not new a concept, it is the first time a company has taken this type of multi-layered disc into mass production. Unfortunately, Infinity’s hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD disc is only available in Japan, no release date has been set for the US.

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