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i Beam Tablet Uses Eye Control To Navigate Pages

i Beam Tablet Uses Eye Control To Navigate Pages

i Beam tablets adds eye-control interface to tablets…

Japanese company NTT DoCoMo has unveiled its new i beam tablet with a a gaze-tracking function that enables users to make selections and turn pages simply by looking at the specific point on the display.

Designed to let passengers riding the bumpy train lines navigate their tablet without removing their hand from the handles. If you’ve ever been inside Tokyo’s downtown trains, you’ll know that without those handles, the train would literally turn into a human domino hall.

With two gaze-sensors the i beam tracks the users eyes, and displays small green dot on the screen for reference. Although the new interface is currently geared for surfing the web, DoCoMo says its could also be applied to gaming.

ntt docomo i beam tablet gaze control

i beam Tablet Gaze Control Technology

The prototype tablet, co-develop by NTT DoCoMo, Fujitsu and Tobii – a Swedish eye-tracking technology firm, uses what it is claimed to be the most compact tracker of its kind. The technology is essentially the same as the Windows 8 Gaze Interface that was unveiled earlier this year.

No specifications or expected release dates have been announced, but the company has put together a promotional video to show how the technology can be utilized.

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  1. Tim Hornyak: Eye-controlled 'i beam' tablet lets you strap-hang safely. Cnet, 10/02/2012.
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