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iBreath Breathalyzer For iPod/iPhone

iBreath Breathalyzer For iPod/iPhone

New breathalyzer device for iPod and iPhone transmits your music via FM radio...

A new device that plugs into the base of an iPod is able to give the answer to some age old questions, “Am I drunk? Am I safe to drive?”.

In addition the device also broadcasts your tunes via an unused FM radio frequency, so you can listen to music in your car.

The device, known as the iBreath transforms Apple’s iPod into an breathalyzer. Once connected to your iPod, the iBreath functions just like a field sobriety test.

When the person blows into the retractable “blow wand” an internal sensor measures blood-alcohol levels, the results are then displayed on the LED screen.

iBreath Breathalyzer iPhone App

iBreath Breathalyzer iPhone App

A reading of 0.08 will trigger an alarm, signaling a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit in all 50 states.

Don Bassler, chief executive and founder of David Steele Enterprises Inc. in Newport Beach, an online retailer and creator of the iBreath said:

“We are absolutely not advocating drinking and driving, but we know that people just don’t observe that…
“We don’t want people to think that this makes it all OK, but it’s a safety device that we hope people will use, and it may save lives.”

Bassler said he got the idea during a conversation with friends expressing concerns about their older children attending parties, drinking alcohol and possibly drink-driving.

“You know how they are — they’re going to sneak it if they can. They don’t listen to their parents, but they listen to their iPods,”

He said one friend suggested, “Wouldn’t it be great for these kids to have breathalyzer iPods?’ I said, ‘Hey, there’s a product there.’ ”

Knowing that most iBreath’s would quickly lose appeal, the company continued to look for a second function to help raise the profile of the device.

“We figured, OK, if it’s only a breathalyzer, the chances are this thing is coming off the iPod and sitting in the drawer, if we put in the FM transmitter, they might keep it on there.”

The iBreath took around 18 months develop and gain the seal of approval from Apple. The device is compatible with the iPod Nano, the iPod Classic and the iPod Touch. It will also work with the iPhone, he said.

While Bassler sees the device as a possible life-saver, anti drink driving campaign groups worry that iBreath might promote binge drinking.

Laura Dean-Mooney, national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said she worried that young people would use the breathalyzer for drinking games, to see who could score the highest reading.

All though the company say they do not advocated drinking, the iBreath follows in the footsteps of several other iPod and iPhone applications designed with ‘drunk’ in mind.

Last Call, a new application for the iPhone, provides a tool for estimating blood-alcohol content, as well as a list of attorneys who specialize in DUI arrests.

Drunk Dial, prevents users from making drunken calls they might regret in the morning by administering a timed maths test.

Another service called Taxi Magic, now available in 25 states, hails a cab with the push of a ‘button.’

I suppose its a fact many of us drink, and therefore inevitable that innovative thinkers would start to come up with new ways of making our drunken times easier.

And while some of these devices/applications do nothing more than make things easier when you’re drunk, others like the iBreath and Last Call may actually help save lives.

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  1. Is this device approved by the FDA as is required for all breathalyzers sold for consumer use ? No it isn’t. Buyer beware.

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