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iFixit Online Repair-Guides For Computers And Electronics

iFixit Online Repair-Guides For Computers And Electronics aims to the rid the world of toxic electronic waste, launches website with step-by-step repair guides for fixing your beloved devices…

Thanks to a newly revamped website, you too can become an electronics repair man and fix your devices with step-by-step guides uploaded by users., is the brainchild of Kyle Wiens, and the new take on the already popular website aims to provide repair manuals for every type of device you can think of.

iFixit Online Wiki Repair-Guides

iFixit Online Wiki Repair-Guides

The site has recently been revamped into a collaborative wiki, so registered users can now easily submit their repair-guides for all to view. Wein’s has dubbed this new movement, “Repair 2.0”.

“I don’t think we can continue manufacturing new things, consuming them and throwing them away at the rate that we do…

“What we’re doing is we’re allowing people to join together and help each other save money, help the environment and care for those things.”

iFixit used to be a site dedicated to gadget teardowns – a process in which hardware geeks disassemble electronics to learn more about their components. The company would then sell off parts from defunked devices to turn profits.

iFixit has earned some worthy credibility for publishing teardowns immediately after a major gadget is released. Wein says that the next task is to put these teardowns to better use by repurposing them into easily digestible repair guides.

If iFixit’s previous tears downs are anything to go by, the public will (hopefully) soon be onboard and the Repair 2.0 movement can start to flourish.

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