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An Intimate Look At The Apple iMac

An Intimate Look At The Apple iMac

How did Apple fit all that power into the slim line iMac Desktop? Check out the images of the inside of the Apple iMac.

Apple iMac Inside Look Photo Gallery Tutorial

Have you ever wondered whats inside your beloved iMac? We take an intimate look into the workings off the iMac, thankfully, at the cost of someone else’s warranty.

With the new rising generation of hackers and IT technicians, I often wonder why the interior of the iMac is still a mystery to most people (myself included).

But I suppose the threat of a void warranty really has stopped most hackers and computer enthusiasts in their tracks when to comes to tinkering with the iMac, especially when you consider the price tag, plus that fact that the components are not as readily available as PC hardware.

Inside the iMac 1

So sit back and enjoy as we watch the Apple iMac being taken to pieces.

The Back Side:

Inside the iMac 2

Lift Up The Glass:

Inside the iMac 3

Remove The Glass:

Inside the iMac 4

The Front Side:

Inside the iMac 5

Remove The LCD:

Inside the iMac 6

The Inside:

Inside the iMac 7

The Logoc Board Front Side:

Inside the iMac 8

The Logoc Board Back Side:

Inside the iMac 9

Warranty Void If Removed:

Inside the iMac 10

Warranty Void If Removed:

Inside the iMac 11

Bottom Case Without the Logoc Board:

Inside the iMac 12

Cooling Fan For The Optical Disk and Hard Drive:

Inside the iMac 13

Cooling Fan for the Heat Sink and Speaker Case

Inside The iMac 14

The Speaker and Case Right Side:

Inside the iMac 15

The LCD Panel LG Philips LM201WE3:

Inside the iMac 16

Miliatry Financing – Apple iMac All in One Computer

Apple iMac Computers Financing

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  1. That is pretty amazing stuff… I still am blown away with Apples ability to tuck so much into such a relatively small space.

    Great post! Love the site, surprised its not more popular…

  2. Hi! That’s really cool. One think i cannot find on the net… if I buy a 24″ model with 2.8 Ghz, can I change the CPU or the graphic card myself?

  3. Nothing to be excited about. It’s just an over-sized laptop concept. I love the sleek design but I would love it if the Imac would come with plenty of E-Sata ports instead of USB or firewire. Self-Upgrading is a pain in the a$$. You’re pretty much paying for the LCD since its an IPS panel.

  4. There’s something I’m amazed with iMac audio
    There is a pair of silk dome tweeter!!!!!
    And also,how did that little 1 inch woofer creates that amount of clarity and bass??? it’s like impossible 😛

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