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Intel Reader Photographs Text For Voice Playback

Intel Reader Photographs Text For Voice Playback

Intel's Reader for the Visually Impaired photographs text and reads it back to you....

A new wave of e-readers is lurking on the horizon. And Intel seem to be one of the first pushing the wave. After being tested on more than 400 visually-impaired and blind users, Intel’s ‘Reader for the Visually Impaired’ has surpassed it’s concept stages and is now on sale.

Using an Atom processor, 5-megapixel camera, and Intel’s Linux-based Moblin OS, Intel’s new reader photographs text from paper, and transform it into digital text and MP3s for voice playback.


Ben Foss, Director of Access Technology at Intel’s Digital Health group said the device is also intended to assist those with severe Dyslexia, an impairment he himself grew up with:

“We want people to experience the independence of being able to read on their own in a public place or anywhere they want to.”

The reader’s onboard sound eliminates the need for external speakers, the speed of reading can also be adjusted. It features 2GB of storage which can hold about 500,000 pages of text; roughly 600 pages of scanned books.

Priced at $1500, this specialty device doesn’t come cheap. But considering there are several more expensive Braille readers out there, Intel’s Reader for the Visually Impaired could easily find its foothold on the market.

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