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Intel Light Peak High-Speed Optical Cable

Intel Light Peak High-Speed Optical Cable

Was Intel's new high-speed optical cable, Light Peak, originally masterminded by Apple? With data transfer speeds of up to 10Gb per second, is that really important?

At last weeks IDF, Intel unveiled its Light Peak technology, an extremely high-speed optical cable the company claims will transfer a complete Blu-ray disk in 30 seconds.

Intel Light Peak Chip

Light Peak currently promises speeds of up to 10Gb/s, but hopes are that 100Gb/s will possible within a decade or so. In an overview of Light Peak on Intel’s website, the company wrote:

“Optical technology also allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than currently possible. Light Peak also has the ability to run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as peripherals, workstations, displays, disk drives, docking stations, and more….

Intel is working with the optical component manufacturers to make Light Peak components ready to ship in 2010, and will work with the industry to determine the best way to make this new technology a standard to accelerate its adoption on a plethora of devices including PCs, handheld devices…

Light Peak is complementary to existing I/O technologies, as it enables them to run together on a single cable at higher speeds. The Light Peak initiative builds on Intel’s commitment in working with the industry on existing I/O standards, and provides a path to continued progress into the future.”

Amidst the talks of the new Light Peak technology, bloggers have uncovered something that Intel seem to be keeping quite. According to documents seen by Engadget, it was Apple who first brought the concept of a super-fast optical interconnect to Intel in 2007.

The source claims that the Light Peak standard was originally mastered minded by Apple, but now that the technology is almost in our hands, what does that really mean for us, the consumers?

Hopefully nothing, while fan-boys may want to lay claim that their favorite brand developed the technology of tomorrow, the rest of us will be simply be happy enough to use it.

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