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Helio Display Interactive Mid Air Display

Helio Display Interactive Mid Air Display

Video of IO2's Heliodisplay a Mid Air Display Unit That Projects Images Mid Air Like a Hologram

Over the last fours years IO2 Technology have been developing the Heliodisplay. Originally shown as a prototype back in 2003, the Heliodisplay third generation (M3) model is now on the market. Like a computer monitor or television, this mid air display can project any video signal coming from most sources with one main difference, there is no screen.

Check out the video to get more of an idea >>

A projector is focused onto a layer of mist in mid-air, resulting in a two-dimensional display that appears to float. This is similar in principle to the cinematic technique of rear projection but with no screen to display the image, the Heliodisplay produces an effect much like a hologram.

IO2 Heliodisplay

IO2 Heliodisplay

Images are visible under typical indoor lighting and are about as bright as the first-generation rear projection TV’s. The display works best under controlled lighting such as in museums, movie theaters, and most office spaces, although it is not recommended for outside use IO2 does build outdoor systems for enterprise solutions.

The Heliodisplay’s default resolution is 800 x 600 but supports up to 1280 x 1024, depending on the model, a 22 to 42 inch image can be projected floating above the device, this can be viewed from 150 degree viewing angle in front of the projector or from both front and rear, again depending on the model.

Another amazing feature of the Heliodisplay is the ability to be used as a touch-screen monitor to navigate and interact with content. When connected to a PC using a standard USB cable and the software provided you can use your finger, pen, pencil or any object to select and navigate as you would a conventional touch-screen, the only difference is that there is no physical screen.

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  1. will this technology ever be 3D and be able to project larger images?

  2. Actually this technology has greatly improved and military technology already utilizes this. They were using a crude form of this technology in the 90s. You can expect it to be in color and high resolution images.

  3. nice i like it help me understanding how the holographic projector works

  4. nice i like it help me understanding how the holographic projector works five me some more data about it

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