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How To Use iPad As Second Monitor

How To Use iPad As Second Monitor

MaxiVista lets Windows users connect an iPad as a second monitor over Wi-Fi…

Apple’s new iPad is all the rage, and so are dual screen setups. That’s why some clever folks have developed an app to use your iPad as a second monitor over a Wi-Fi connection.

Mac users may have already been aware of the Air Display app for iPad. But Windows users had been left out, till now – enter MaxiVista.

MaxiVista is basically the same as Air Display, except it works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions).

It allows you to connect your iPad via Wi-Fi to your Windows home PC or laptop. From there you can change the orientation of the screen from left to right, even above or below.

MaxiVista’s video drivers are compatible with the WDDM graphics card standard, and the “advanced compression technology and the automatic parameter optimization offer you an almost lag-free display performance.”

There are however, some noted limitations. From the product page at the app store:

• To increase battery life of the iPad, MaxiVista is not designed for full-screen video playback on the iPad.

• The Aero display mode is temporarily disabled while MaxiVista is activated. Aero is automatically turned back on after MaxiVista is deactivated.

Despite these limitations, the $10 MaxiVista app is currently hailed as the best (and only) solution for Windows users seeking to link up their iPads as second monitors over Wi-Fi.

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