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iPhone Robot

iPhone Robot

Japanese inventor builds humanoid robot with iPhone brain....

When it comes to electronics, there are two words that have become something of a modern-day trend – robotics and the iPhone. With both technologies being on the verge of starting a new chapter in the digital revolution, what better way to progress than to incorporate both into one device?

And that is exactly what Japanese inventor has done. Meet Robochan – a humanoid robot wired up to an iPhone.

The anime appearance of the face is based on the Hatsune Miku character from Yamaha’s Vocaloid singing synthesizer application. Hatsune has become a virtual idol in Japan with one of her albums already topping the Oricon music chart.

Robochan consists of a Kondo Kagaku KHR-2 HV kit robot ($900), linked to an iPhone 3GS via the doc connector. The iPhone acts as the brain of the ‘bot which is able to speak, dance, copy movements taught by hand and react to touch on the screen.

The inventor also proved that this robo-hack can be done with an iPod touch.

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