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iPhone Offers Medical Assistance

iPhone  Offers Medical Assistance

Two new applications for the iPhone can monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

The new operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0 was announced last week, and along with the revamped GUI there a new capabilities and applications that open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Two new applications have the ability to transform your iPhone from a mobile business center, into a personal medical assistant.

iPhone Blood Pressure App

iPhone Blood Pressure App

One application monitors blood pressure by connecting an inflatable blood pressure cuff, that wraps round the users arm and relays the necessary info back to the iPhone.

Another application is able to monitor blood sugar levels. The application can tie a blood glucose test to the iPhone, the user can then download past results which can be displayed as a graph.

Furthermore, the iPhone will have the ability to send the results to a patients physician, as well as connecting the user to real-time information which will help determine whether there is a need to adjust insulin or medicine intake.

Users can also chose to contribute to the community of other patients and experts, who provide feedback and input on how to manage diabetes.

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  1. My daughter is a personal trainer and was going to order an independent blood pressure and heart rate monitor for herself.  Can she buy something that hooks into her iphone instead using a new APP?

    Dr. Meagher

  2. I am looking everywhere for the blood pressure thing for the iphone but i cant find it !!!

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