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14 Devices Remote Controlled By iPhone

14 Devices Remote Controlled By iPhone

14 devices you can remote control with your iPhone....

The iPhone is a great device, it’s not so much a question of what it can and can’t do, it pretty much does everything you would expect from a smart phone/computer. With the abilty to add a plethora of apps to expand the iPhones abilities, where will it ever stop? Who knows what the iPhone will be capable of next.

Here are a list of applications which allow you to remote control numerous devices with your iPhone.

Apple TV

Remote Control Apple TV With iPhone

If you have the Apple TV set-top box, you can use Apple’s free Remote software to control it.
A new update also allows you to navigate the Apple TV display using gestures from the iPhones multi-touch screen.

Home DVR

Remote Control Home DVR With iPhone

Free apps from DirecTV and AT&T enable remote programing on your digital video recorder.


Remote Control iTunes With iPhone

Apple’s free Remote app alos controls iTunes from anywhere withing you WiFi range.


Remote Control Presentations With iPhone

If you use iWork for presentations, Apple’s $0.99 Keynote remote lets you control them using your iPhone. Other applications like Evan Schoenberg’s $0.99 Rowmote let you control PowerPoint slides.

Sonos Home Stereo

Remote Control Sonos Home Stereo With iPhone

The Sonos Controller app lets you remote control the Sonos multi-room sound system from your iPhone.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

Remote Control X-Plane Flight Simulator With iPhone

In the same way Nintendo’s DS has a touch-sensitive screen that is able to control whats happening on the main screen, the X-Plane Flight Simulator lets you control and observe some of your flight simulator’s features — on your computer — using the iPhone as a smaller, second screen. The app cost $4.99 and works with the desktop game, X-Plane, $39.


Boxee iPhone App
If you use the free Boxee media center on you computer, the free remote app from Boxee allows you to use you to remote control the software with your iPhone.

Digital SLR Camera

onOne DSLR Remote Controller App
If you hook up your Canon EOS DSLR camera up to a computer via USB, you can use the onOne software and your iPhone to remotely control settings.

The onOne software is available in a lite version for $1.99 and pro $19.99.
The company say the Nikon support is coming soon.

Desktop PC or Mac

Mocha Virtual Network Computing For iPhone
With a little configuration, you can use the free Mocha Virtual Network Computing (VNC) app, to access your computer via your iPhone, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Blu-ray Discs

Remote Control Blu-ray Discs With iPhone

A new Fast & Furious Blu-ray disc, to be released on July 28, features a “virtual car garage,” which lets iPhone and iPod touch users see different views of the movie’s racers and cars by using their touch screens.
You’ll also be able to use the iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control on some Blu-ray discs, provided your Blu-ray player is connected to the Internet.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player App
If you use the free, popular VLC (Video LAN client) media player app, you can control it with your iPhone via the free VLC Remote app. There is also a premium version available for $2.99.

XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

Remote Control XBMC With iPhone

The XBMC Remote app, $2.99, lets you remote control the Xbox Medial Center for Mac.

Security Camera

iRar Pro Security App
There are several security camera monitoring apps available in the App Store. If you’re looking to spend money on your top-notch security rig, you should take a look at the Lextech Global Services iRa Pro app, which delivers “a video command center to the palm of your hand,” for the cost of $699.99!

Home Automation System

Remote Control Home Automation System With iPhone

Home automation apps like the $4.99 iHome remote for the Indigo server let you adjust your home lighting from anywhere. There is also a free version available, however configuring this software is quite a task.

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