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iRobot Warrior 710 Ready For The Field

iRobot Warrior 710 Ready For The Field

iRobot Warrior 710 is ready for the battlefield…

iRobot has announced that its Warrior 710 robot is ready for the field. First unveiled in 2010, the Warrior bot has already demonstrated its wide range of applications from clearing landmines to heavy weapons transport. But now, with a new promo video to boot, the Warrior is ready for deployment.

Massachusetts-based iRobot manufacture everything from household Roomba vacuum robots, to bomb diffusing bots such as Packbot and SUGV.

Weighing in at 450lbs, the Warrior is largest bot to come out of the iRobot lab. Featuring a 6.5ft mechanical arm that can reach up to 11.5ft high, the bot can climb stairs and negotiate obstacle more than 1.5ft high.

irobot warrior 710

iRobot Warrior 710

It can be weaponized, or fitted with specific tools to carry out, search and rescue, surveillance, bomb disposal, as well as many other tasks.

Size and weight does limit its ability to deployed in certain situations, but in others offers a huge advantage over smaller UGVs. The Warrior is strong enough to tow a car, and still precise enough to perform delicate tasks without damaging anything.

Check out the new promotional video of the Warrior 710 in action.

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