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DARPA Iron Curtain

DARPA Iron Curtain

New type of explosive reactive armor, DARPA's Iron Curtain developed by Artis LLC...

DARPA has awarded an $8 million contract to equip Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored trucks with a new Active Protection System known as the Iron Curtain.

Developed by Artis LLC, The Iron Curtain system employs DARPA’s sniper-detection system, CROSSHAIRS, to help detect incoming projectiles using radar and acoustic sensors.

DARPA Iron Curtain

DARPA Iron Curtain Repels RPGs

The Iron curtain then cues an optical sensor that identifies and classifies that threat, and selects a aim point accurate to within an inch.

The system then chooses one of many countermeasures mounted on rails running around the vehicle, and fires it vertically downwards at the exact moment the projectile is passing.

This action not destroy the warhead but duds the warhead so it deflagrates, rather than exploding properly. By the end of the collision and countermeasure, the warhead simply bounces off of the vehicle’s side.

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