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JavaRa Speeds Up Boot Times

JavaRa Speeds Up Boot Times

Use JavaRa for faster boot times and a cleaner Java installations…

Quick boot up times are paramount for any computer geek, I mean, who wouldn’t want their machine to boot up fully ready for operation within seconds instead of minutes?

While there are several ways you can tweak you system to boot up quickly – namely disabling the automatic start feature found in many programs – here’s a tip I only learned the other day, and is so far working great for me.

No matter what computer you are using, Java script will be at work as soon as you boot up. And because most users are considered ‘dumb’, the guys who wrote Java decided to include an automatic update on start up, to check for new versions of Java.

This auto-update manifests itself as an application called jusched.exe, you can see this in the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and going to the Processes tab.

The jusched.exe is not a harmful program, but it does add time on to startup. Thankfully an application called JavaRa gets rid of this, enabling faster boot times.



JavaRa also cleans up any files left over after an upgrade. Java is notorious for leaving old installation files on the hard drive, needlessly taking up room.

You can also get rid of the automatic updates and downloads completely, although you might want to think about doing this if you’re likely to forget about searching for updates in the future.

The open source JavaRa is available for download at

If you’re a file junkie and you’re worried about what other files programs may have left behind, a little piece of software from the same company called PureRa will cleanup those files often over looked by others.

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