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K3B CD/DVD Creator For Linux And Unix

K3B CD/DVD Creator For Linux And Unix

K3B - The easy way to burn CDs and DVDs in KDE

K3B is simple CD/DVD creator for Linux OS. K3B has been optimized for use in KDE – a powerful graphical design environment for Linux and Unix Work stations and it ships in most default KDE packages.

One of the main benefits of K3B is that it is such a mature project. Some my find the simple interface a little outdated but the fact of the matter is that K3B is stable, user friendly and has a wide range of feature for your burning needs.

On opening the K3B application you are presented with a split view window, directories are listed on left in a tree structure, the current directories are on the right and the welcome page is at the bottom displaying main options.

K3B CD-DVD Burner Interface For Linux

K3B CD-DVD Burner For Linux

Once you have chosen your desired task the welcome page will become the current project window, all the files that are to be burned to CD/DVD will be displayed here. You can simply drag and drop the files you want to copy and once you’re done, you’re ready to burn.

K3B’s whole burning process is extremely clear and should be easy for anyone who is familiar with Nero to understand.

For KDE users, K3B is highly recommended for an easy, yet powerful way to burn data, audio and more to disc. GNOME users may want to try Gnomebaker, and if you’re into using the command line, give CD record a try.

Free Download K3B CD DVD Burning Application Download K3B CD DVD Burning Software

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  1. Thank you, your product is a great addition to my fledgling Linux platform. As a newcomer to Linux I am still learning the in-and-outs, but your K3B is a very good and effective CD/DVD product. For those who wish it be more fancy and wrapped in colored paper, with bows and ribbons. Might I suggest MS Vista. Be careful what you wish for you may get it.

    Happy with good old K3B

  2. Agreed!

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