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Kinect For Xbox Motion Controller

Kinect For Xbox Motion Controller

Microsoft demo’s Kinect for Xbox at E3, set for November release…

This year’s E3 Expo was an event headlined by 3D and motion control. Several companies revealed and demoed some highly anticipated technologies, and Microsoft’s official unveiling of the Kinect for Xbox – a motion controller device previously codenamed Project Natal – was certainly one of the more talked about presentations.

kinect for xbox

Kinect For Xbox

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Although details are still rather scarce, Microsoft has officially lifted the Project Natal moniker and labeled its new motion controller the Kinect for Xbox. Along with new name, Microsoft promised that 15 games will be available for Kinect ready for its November release. Some of the games demoed at E3 included:

  • Kinect Star Wars.
  • Kinect Sports which included games such as soccer, track, bowling and javelin.
  • Kinectimals, a baby tiger pet simulator.
  • Kinect Yoga.
  • Dance Central.
  • Kinect Joyride.
  • Kinect Adventures.
  • Your Shape.
  • Forza.

Other games scheduled for release include EA Sports Active 2, Zan Datsu and Sega’s Sonic Riders.

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The Kinect will come preloaded with today’s standard apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Netflix. Microsoft also announced that the Kinect for Xbox will feature Video Chatting. The demo showed up to 4 people conference calling at the same time.

kinect for xbox novemeber release

Kinect For Xbox Novemeber Release

Judging by Microsoft’s UK press page, the Kinetic is due for a November release for an unconfirmed price of $150.

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  1. the initial sales look very promising, but the titles that they have aren’t worth it. Just goes to show that the Kinect has WOW factor. It will quickly dissapear once the buzz wears off

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