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Korea To Get 1GBPS Downloads By 2012

Korea To Get 1GBPS Downloads By 2012

Korean to get 1Gbps downloads by 2012....

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has vowed to spend $24 billion to help secure 1Gbps access throughout the countries major cities by 2012.

Korea currently provides one of the fastest Internet speeds available around the globe, the new infrastructure would increase the countries overall speed ten fold.

South Korea To Get 1GB Per Second Internet

South Korea To Get 1GB Per Second Internet

Currently, the average consumer in Korea can subscribe to broadband speeds as high as 100Mbps…..almost twice the bandwidth from Charter’s 60Mbps access.

With access to a 1Gbps connection, users will be able to download a 120 minute film in 12 seconds.

Only the larger cities in Korea will have access to the highest bandwidths, however surrounding smaller areas will still have access to 50 to 100 Mbps speeds.

The KCC also has plans to increase wireless broadband speeds to 10Mbps.

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  1. WTF! Do you think I can borrow some cause I am hurting out here in Thailand. I am LUCKY if I can get 1MBps

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