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Lab Test Facilities In Redding CA

Lab Test Facilities In Redding CA

Deciding which lab test facility to choose from in California for blood work can be an arduous task. That’s why Health Testing Centers has several convenient locations in the city and has simplified the process so that there is no confusion to the patient whatsoever. Prices are affordable and very reasonable and are a fraction of what customers would expect to pay elsewhere. The process is very simple.

The first step is to visit the health care testing websites and to decide which blood tests are actually needed. There are numerous tests available and they can be viewed on the website along with explanations as to what they are and why they would be necessary. The next step is to place the order, this can be accomplished online via the website or by placing a phone call to the number listed on the website.

Within 24-48 hours, the customer will receive a confirmation email in his or her inbox to the email address provided during order placement. The confirmation email will also include a requisition form which is required to be taken to the lab test facility. Samples of requisition forms may be viewed on the company website.

At this time, it is necessary to decide which lab test facilities in California to visit. This may be accomplished by using the lab test facility locator on the website to view all available locations in Redding and then selecting the one that is the most convenient. It is recommended that patients make appointments with the facility and appointments are available the same day in most cases. However, an appointment is not mandatory and walk ins are always served. Only the requisition form is mandatory, as the lab is not able to perform any type of testing without it.

For patients who desire anonymity, it is possible to take tests anonymously, as the patient name does not need to coincide with the name of the owner of the credit card and the patient is not required to present identification during the testing process. Patients will receive results in 24-48 hours of testing. However, certain types of tests may take a little longer and the lab will inform the patient if this is the case.

Results are easy to follow and are shown alongside the normal ranges, any results that are out of range will be flagged. It is recommended that patients receiving out of range results visit their primary care physician for advice. The results are the property of the patient and as such, may be provided to a physician at the patient’s discretion. Results are completely confidential and will only be included in the patient’s medical record if the patient so chooses.

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