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Laminate and Protect Your Work

Laminate and Protect Your Work

Quickly complete laminating jobs that are needed in a hurry with premium laminating sheets.

Laminating technology allows quick and easy protection that will help preserve your work. This is helpful for visuals, art, cutout, tests, and posters. By laminating your work you can make sure it lasts longer and resuse items that you would not have before – thus saving some extra cash. Printer ink is expensive so make sure when you print something in high quality that it doesn’t get ruined.

New Lamination Technology

Cold laminators require no electricity. Despite misconceptions it does not use heat or release any fumes. Older laminating technology had some annoying features. Like when you would trim edges and then the lamination would come apart. With new dual-sided laminate, you can trim your work without the edges separating.

Laminating Technology

Probably the first time you seen it was in a classroom. Since school budgets are often tight, reusing and maintaining teaching resources is important. No you can use that same technology many applications.

Lamination Technology

Lamination Technology

Laminating Applications

The best is that you increase the life of your posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives and more. By protecting and preserving them you are able to safely store it without it being crumbled or damaged. You can use it year after year.

Write with a marker and then erase to use again. This works good for presentations, planning, calendars, and charts. Using a dry eraser marker, you can clearly write on the laminate and then erase it after you are done.

Protect your family photos and important work. Lamination is an affordable way to protect your memories. Many people realize only after there is damage that they should have taken better care to protect their photos.

Lamination Tech Specs

Here are the perks of new laminating systems specs:

  • No warming up or cooling down required
  • No fumes or dangerous byproducts
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • No bubbling or wrinkling of laminate
  • Trim laminate without edges separating
  • Alignment of 23″ and 12″ sheets of paper with input guides
  • Easy paper loading without needing additional space for long posters and banners
  • Output hooks automatically roll laminated posters and banners

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