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Linux Explained and Myths Debunked

Linux Explained and Myths Debunked

Linux OS Explained and Linux Myths Proved Wrong.

Linux is an operating system that is often talked about but generally misunderstood. Almost all computers users have heard the name in passing, most unaware of what Linux really holds in store.

Linux is known to most as an open source platform but other than this fact, there are many falsities and myths surrounding this operating system that outshines Windows XP and Vista in many ways.

Linux Explained

In this article we take a closer look at Linux and debunk certain myths that have arisen over the years.

Linux is more secure because it has a smaller user base….?

It is widely believed that Linux is more secure than Windows because Windows is more popular, so hackers tend to focus more on the popular platform. Whilst logic suggests this statement to be true, it is in fact just one side of the story, there are many other reasons why Linux is more secure.

First up, Linux – with its roots in Unix – was originally designed as Network Operating System which then advanced into a Desktop OS. This meant Linux was able to carry on its legacy of network security whilst Windows, originally designed as a single-user Desktop OS advancing into a Network OS, had to add security layers on the go.

Plus it is normal practice that Linux users don’t run their system as root, which is not the case with Windows, and this drastically brings down the vulnerability of the system.

And because Linux is Open Source, an endless amount of end users can see bugs and vulnerabilities making it easier to patch. Anyone with sufficient knowledge in coding can then issue a fix for the community. It doesn’t need a big fat layer of corporate bureaucracy to issue a fix.

Installing applications on Linux is hard……?

This may have been true in the early days but things have changed a lot since then. If you are not familiar with command lines then you have the option of installing using the graphical frontend of the package manager (a large repository of applications stored on a server somewhere).

For example, if you know the name of the application or even just the function it performs, you can do quick search within Linux and a whole bunch of apps will appear. Just select the one you’re looking for and click ok. The package manager will automatically download the required files from the Internet and install it, and place it in your menu.

How much easier can it really be?

Linux is a nightmare to install…?

The whole installation process of Linux has been overturned in the recent years. Distros like SUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora, are so easy to install it literally takes around 30 minutes to get it up and running.

As one of the guys over at hehe2, one source of this article, said,

“Back in 2005 when I first started my Linux adventure, I got my hand on 5 SUSE cd’s from a Linux Format magazine. Back then I was on XP, I initially wanted to back up my files before I take the plunge just in case. When I looked at the huge amount of files, I got lazy and somewhat careless, and decided just to install SUSE without backing up. 2 hours later I had a magical dual boot system (the whole concept of dual boot was alien to me back then) and all my files were intact!”

All Linux installs come with most of the applications you would expect from a default, things like an Office suite, media player, PDF reader, chat clients will all be installed and ready to use.

The Linux interface is ugly and unattractive…?

If you thing this statement is true then check out this video demo of Linux in action.

There are no games on Linux…?

Again this is something that has changed in the recent years and since the release of Wine, an implementation of Windows on Linux, a whole new world of PC gaming has opened up for Linux users.

Here are the top ten games that are running hassle free on Linux using an out-of-the-box Wine installation:

  • Guild Wars All Versions
  • Counter-Strike: Source Retail/Steam
  • Homeworld 2 1.x
  • Silkroad Online 1.x
  • Soldat 1.x
  • Watchtower Library 2007
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy
  • Live For Speed S2
  • Call of Duty 2 1.00
  • SimCity Deluxe

Linux doesn’t come preinstalled like Windows…?

These days Linux comes preinstalled from a lot of different vendors including Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer and specialized Linux vendors such as System76 and EmprorLinux.

Linux is also becoming a popular choice of OS for Ultra Moblie PC and Handheld markets.

There is no support for Linux…?

If you purchase a Linux machine from a vendor there will be some kind of support available. Specialist vendors like System76 and EmprorLinux will offer great support, as will distributions brought from Red Hat or Novell.

If you have a version of Linux that was not acquired through a specialist vendor then you can turn to the Linux community for all the support you need. The Internet is full of forums, guides, how-to’s, blogs, IRC rooms that offer an extraordinary amount of help for any situation.

Linux doesn’t have good hardware support…?

There plenty of stories on the Internet that confirm the plug-in-play capabilities of Linux are as good as, if not better than Windows XP.

“After around 2 hours of trying to get an HP printer to work on XP, I gave up and plugged into an Ubuntu Linux Eee PC, it got recognized in 30 seconds!”
“There are thousands of stories similar to this,” according to hehe2,” just a quick Google would confirm that.”

It’s thought that Linux will run at least 90% of all hardware out there.

There is no office software or software at all for Linux…?

Actually there is more office software for Linux than Windows and Apple combined, and because they are Open Source applications they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get them. As for the rest of the software, you can wager money there is a replacement for whatever you happen to be looking for.

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