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Wound Stasis Liquid Foam Stops Internal Bleeding

Wound Stasis Liquid Foam Stops Internal Bleeding

Liquid injections create foam that stop internal bleeding…

DARPA has unveiled a new polymer foam that can be injected into the body to stop internal bleeding in areas of the body that cannot be compressed by a bandage or tourniquet

The new Wound Stasis technology, develop by Arsenal Medical with funding from DARPA, works by injecting two liquids into the body. When these two liquids meet they being a chemical reaction that creates a foam, which presses against the internal wounded to slow the flow of blood. Once surgery can be performed the foam can be easily removed in under a minute.

Almost 85 percent of battlefield wounds are due to internal wounds that require surgery. Often there is not enough time to get the wounded to a hospital, or somewhere they can receive the correct medial attention. The new procedure can provide an extra hour of precious time before receiving this medical care.

During tests on pigs, DARPA claims the foam can increase changes of survival after three hours from 8 percent to 72 percent. Arsenal Medical is now working on a commercial version of the device while DARPA is seeking FDA approval.

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  1. Collin Lecher: Magic Foam Can Be Shot Into The Body To Stop Major Bleeding. Popular Science, 12/11/2012.
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  1. Fitting picture. The Canadian soeldir in this photo is actually a Medical Technician who worked for me in Afghanistan during Roto 9. He was injured by an Directional Fragmentation IED during the summer of 2010 in Panjwai District of Kandahar Province and in this picture is being escorted to a waiting medevac helicopter by a US Army Flight Medic. It is comforting to see that the medial/academic community is mobilizing to advance the care of veterans and serving soeldirs. However, one piece that is often missed in all of this is the front line medical personal who not only take the same risks as other soeldirs but also provide the care to wounded (sometimes fatally) brothers/sisters in arms. As an example my last tour (only a 7 month span) two Medical Technicians were killed and five seriously wounded out a company of only about 100 people total not great odds.

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