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Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking

Easily Track What Matters to you by incorporating a Live GPS Tracking System.

Technology has made theft harder, at least for those who track what matters with GPS technology.

If you have been unfortunate to experience a stolen truck you know how much of a set back and headache this can be to your business. By simply installing a discreet device into your fleet of vehicles you benefit greatly!

Advantages of GPS Tracking:

  • Reduce Response Time to Customers
  • Reduce Labor Expenditures
  • Increase Speed and Chance of Theft Recovery
  • Decreased Insurance Cost
  • Prevent Damage to Equipment
  • Promote Positive and Responsible Driver Behavior

Not only do you help in finding and recovering a lost or stolen vehicle; using Track What Matters’ GPS products you can do much more to increase business productivity and decrease costs.

Track What Matter 24/7

Track What Matter 24/7

Live GPS Monitoring

By using Track What Matters GPS Tracking System, you can reduce call response time by easily seeing where your vehicles are currently and how far each is from the customer’s location. You can more effectively and quickly manage routes and schedules with Live GPS monitoring.

At any time, from any computer terminal with internet access, you can view your fleet of vehicles. This has the added benefits of encouraging workers to not go off route and serve as evidence of work schedule. Workers will need to take more direct routes and are unable to take unscheduled breaks unnoticed. This will also help you to conserve gasoline at a time with gasoline prices are raising.

GPS technology also allows you to monitor your drivers speed. You can insure your drivers are operating safely. You will not need to wait until a cop find outs out first, or worse, an anonymous tip comes in about how one of your company branded trucks were driving out of control.

You cannot be everywhere at once, and I don’t expect you to be like Big Brother constantly watching over the screen to micro-manage your employees. This is where the historical route tracking and Proactive Geo-fence alert system comes in.

When time comes to do reports, you can easily view the routes your vehicles took during work hours or after work hours. Live Tracking and Historical Tracking is made possible through and easy–to-use application that combines with Google Earth. View a single vehicle history or all your vehicles current locations at once.

How GPS Tracking Works

How GPS Tracking Works

Why You Should Buy GPS Tracking:

  • Gain visibility into operations by learning how long assets are stored at one place.
  • Verify equipment utilization to increase revenues and maximize profitability.
  • Eliminate manual yard checks.
  • Reduce the number of trailers & other assets needed to manage the same workload.
  • Improve customer service by providing security and accountability for cargo.

Theft Recovery

Hidden in the vehicle is a discrete device that will continue to work regardless of the vehicles battery supply. Unbeknownst to the thief, his every movement is being monitored with your GPS vehicle tracking system! 24 hours – 7 days a week your property needs protection. Just because your shop doors are closed doesn’t mean you are protected. On holidays and vacations, rest easy knowing that your property is being monitored with a reliable security solution.

In the event of a theft, GPS tracking will assist with tracking and persecuting the perpetrator. Court cases seem to favor the wrong doer, and allow the bad guy to get off the hook because only circumstantial evidence was presented. Make sure they get put away and punished.

GPS Tracking Benefits:

  • 3 Years+ of operation with low battery notification
  • Locating abilities even in most indoor environments
  • No need for external antenna or power source
  • Easily concealed
  • Customizable Features
  • Wireless Connection Reliability
  • Superior GPS Sensitivity & Geo-Fencing
  • Alarm notification via text and or e-mail
  • Weatherproof, impact resistant, heat resistant

Companies lose millions of dollars every year because of the theft – don’t be apart of that statistic! Incorporate GPS Tracking technology to save money while also increase business productivity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All this is backed by a No Risk – No Worry, Satisfaction Guarantee! You will find this a beneficial tool in many aspects. The investment on this system comes back in many returns. Many may be apprehensive when it comes to technology, but seeing is believing. Once you test drive this, you will see that it easy to use, and the power of modern technology is essential for maintaining a strong and prosperous business. vehicles. Special requests can also be incorporated in their flexible system.

You can save big if you purchase a year up front or install the system on 20 or more Companies that pay for a year’s GPS fleet tracking management service up front will receive a 10% discount on the service.

If you are at all unsatisfied with the system within the first 45 days, you can get a refund on your purchase.

Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed

Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed

Portable Tracking Devices
Reviewed was vehicle tracking, but another great product that can help many more customers is the portable tracking devices offered by Track What Matters. You can also have real-time tracking for people, assets, etc. at a click of a mouse. The portable tracking devices are about the size of a pager and can be worn or attached discreetly to your property. These devices are battery powered and last for several days and offer feedback within less than 1 minute intervals. For those who are PCSing or have valuable property they wish to track, this is definitely a device you should invest in.

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