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See Through Walls With Lobster Vision

See Through Walls With Lobster Vision

New handheld device that can see through walls using a technology based on the vision of a lobster.

Lobster Vision is the forefront of a new technology being developed for Home Security by Physical Optics Corporation of Torrance, California.

The handheld device prototype called the LEXID (Lobster Eye X-ray Imaging Device) is based on the lobster’s ability to see through the dark murky waters of the deep sea and may help security officers see through wood, concrete and steal.

Lobster Vision

Lobster Vision

Rick Shie, senior vice president at Physical Optics Corporation said that the patented device, which radiates objects with tiny amounts of X-ray energy:

“Is modeled exactly after the lobster living in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean,”

A lobster’s eyes are made up of thousands of tiny square channels that focus by reflection, rather than by refraction (or the bending of light) as human eyes do.

See Through Walls With Lobster Vision

See Through Walls With Lobster Vision

This unique optical geometric design, which allows lobsters to see in the dimmest light, is being adapted into a “lobster-eye lens” that focuses the X-ray images so that the device can actually see through solid objects.

The Californian Company are still in the early stages of development however She says his company hopes to have the device perfected within a year so that Homeland Security agents can test it on the job.

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  1. see this

  2. i want this information and price.
    address of the company were in can contact.

  3. can i use this in the locker rooms?

  4. hi
    im intrested to know if this is on sale
    and how much it costes
    can anyone give me this info?
    thanx in advance

  5. a couple billion dollars.

  6. This is for comercial or not ??? It seem like ubelievable machine. Can you give me more information and price.


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