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Sony Glasses-Free 3DTV Panel

Sony Glasses-Free 3DTV Panel

Sony unveils glasses-free removable 3D panel for VAIO notebooks...

Sony has unveiled its new glasses-free 3D technology, which comes in the form of a removable panel for its VAIO S and C series notebooks.

The 3D panel utilizes lenticular lens technology to offset the original picture creating two separate images that the brain translates into one 3D image.

sony glasses free 3dtv panel for vaio laptops

Sony Glasses-Free 3D Panel

Similar to Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D display – unveiled the same IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin last week – Sony’s 3D panel, set to feature in Sony’s Vaio S and C series notebooks, employs face tracking software that optimizes viewing angle depend on the users position.

But unlike Toshiba’s new glasses-free 3D display, which is built-in to the device and compromises the quality of 2D images, Sony’s 3mm thick panel can be removed to view 2D images in the best possible resolution.

sony glasses less 3dtv panel

Sony Glasses-Free 3D Panel For Vaio Laptops

Still struggling to find a comfortable, yet high quality viewing experience for 3D images, not all companies are edging their bets on glasses-less technology. Seemingly unsure which technology to back, Sony is also helping Panasonic and Samsung and 3D glasses maker XPAND to develop universal 3DTV glasses.

The 3D panel will cost around $180 and is scheduled for release with Sony’s Vaio SE 15.5-inch notebook in October, 2011.

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