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Logitech Wireless Trackpad

Logitech Wireless Trackpad

Logitech Wireless trackpad brings gesture controls to PCs…

For the past few years, Apple has led the way in multi-touch gestures, but not wanting to be left (too far) behind, Logitech has announced its new trackpad which brings ‘multi-touch navigation and gesture-based controls’ to the PC.

The Wireless Touchpad tracks multiple fingers to enable the multi-touch controls featured in Windows 7, and with a touch-screen 5-inch wide, the device is plenty big enough to perform these gestures.

Multi-touch controls include:

  • One finger to move the cursor
  • Two fingers to page scroll
  • Three fingers to flick through photos
  • Four fingers to switch applications
logitech wireless touchpad

Logitech Wirelss Touchpad for PC

Similar to Apple’s trackpad, the whole face of the touchscreen acts like left click when pressure is applied, but also keeping in line with traditional trackpad layout, Logitech included two large buttons – left and right – positioned underneath the touch interface.

Another nice touch (excuse the pun) is the device’s connectivity; it connects to a computer via Logitech’s unifying receiver, which allows the use of up to 5 Logitech peripherals at the same, via a single USB port.

Logitech’s Wireless Touchpad is now available for preorder with a retail price tag of $50.

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