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The New MacBook Air With A Lighter Price

The New MacBook Air With A Lighter Price

The new MacBook Air may look the same, but a look under the hood reveals some welcomed new upgrades...

Apple has dropped the Apple MacBook Air price in the newer edition allowing for a lower monthly payment on our Apple Financing.

The newly revamped MacBook Air may look exactly the same as its predecessor, but a quick look under the hood reveals several upgrades to key components.


First up, Apple have done away with the dated Intel Memrom processor, and opted for Intel’s newer Penryn-architecture CPU – the same CPU as the MacBook – that come with 6MB of cache, compared to the Memrom’s 4MB. The low-end version features a 1.86 GHz Intel Core Duo, the high-end a 2.13 GHz.

The inclusion of the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card is perhaps the most welcomed upgrade. This more efficient GPU provides longer gameplay with less heat, a problem some users did notice aftre extended hours of use. The GeForce 9400M is also has the ability to drive Apple’s new 24-inch LED Cinema Display as well as the 30-inch Cinema HD Display using the new mini DisplayPort.

The system memory capacity remains the same a 2GB, but Apple have upgrade from DD2 RAM to DDR3 RAM, this means higher bandwidth and lower power comsumption.

The new MacBook Air features a 128GB solid-state drive versus the previous 64GB SSD, the new SSDs are based on multilevel cell technology. MLC allows larger capacities at lower cost.

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