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iPad Controlled Wireless Mackie Mixer

iPad Controlled Wireless Mackie Mixer

Mackie’s new DL1608 mixer use an Apple iPad to adjust its levels wirelessly…

Mackie is a name synonymous with studio equipment all round the world. Known for manufacturing some of the very best studio monitors and mixers, the company has always been evolving with the digital age, and now the time comes to bridge the next gap; making audio mixers wireless.

And what better way to do so then incorporating a piece of equipment that millions of people already own? That’s why Mackie’s new DL1608 mixer employs an iPad for its brains.

wireless mackie dl1608 ipad controlled mixer

Mackie DL1608 Mixer

The iPad has already gained a name for itself as a portable audio production tool, so seemed like the obvious choice to build a mixer centered round the tablet.

All the DL1608’s controls are accessed through an accompanying app on the iPad, and because its all software based, the user is free to detach the iPad from the mixer whilst still being able to control the levels wirelessly from anywhere in the room.

This isn’t the first wireless audio mixer or controller out there, but it is the first designed specifically to used with an iPad. Of course the base price (around $1000) doesn’t include the tablet, so if you’re not already on the bandwagon there’s two purchases you’ll have to make before getting everything up and running.

But if you’re a member of a band or a sound engineer who has to work with venues with nightmare acoustics, having the ability to monitor sound change levels from all areas of the room is a priceless advantage.

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