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F-35 Lighting II Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test Video

F-35 Lighting II Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test Video

Live test of Martin-Bakers new F-35 Lighting II ejection seat…

Marking another milestone in the development of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, BAE Systems and Martin Baker successfully tested the new MK16 (US16E) ejection seat that will feature in all variants of the forth-coming stealth fighter.

The live test took place earlier this month using a rail-mounted cart consisting of full scale front-end of an F-35, the ejection seat, a mannequin and an array of sensors, all powered by a rocket engine. The test lasted just 3 seconds, during which time the car reached speeds of 600mph, and the team took a whopping 2.4 million readings.

British-based Martin Baker is responsible for putting ejection seats in over 70 percent of the Western-world’s air forces, and since the company was established in 1934 by Sir James Martin, one of the fundamental figures in the development of the ejections seats (which were inspired by original designs proposed by Romanian inventor Anastase Dragomir in the late 1920s), more than 7340 lives have been saved thanks to the technology.

Hopefully, even with the all the setbacks the JSF program has experienced, the stealth fighter and its Martin-Baker Mk16 ejection seats will be in the skies ready to save the lives of its pilots.

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