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Martin Jetpack On Sale 2012

Martin Jetpack On Sale 2012

The Martin Jetpack will be available next year….

After 30 years in development the Martin Jetpack is finally set to go on sale to the public in 2012 at the cost of around $100,000.

It was little over a month ago when the company reported that the personal flight device successfully flew for a duration of 7 minutes. Then just over a week ago the jetpack performed it first high-altitude flight to test the jetpack’s ballistic parachute.

martin jetpack on sale in 2012

Martin Jetpack On Sale 2012

In the recent test flight, the jetpack and a crash test dummy – remotely piloted from a chase helicopter – climbed to an altitude of 5000ft. The pilot then took the device down to 3,000 and deployed the emergency parachute. Despite sustaining some damage upon landing, the 10 minute test flight was a huge success, a breakthrough echoed by the announcement of a projected released date. The company noted that despite the less than perfect landing, the pilot would have no doubt survived.

As mentioned in our previous article, the Martin Jetpack does not rely on jets for thrust, but rather two high-powered duct fans powered by two-liter V4 engines that generate 200 horsepower.

Developer Glenn Martin says that the personal flight device will meet U.S Ultralight standards, and will weight less than 254lbs and carrying a 4.5 gallon fuel tank. The company claims that in theory, this will give the device a range of 31 miles and will fly for 30 minutes.

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