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Martin Jetpack Flies For 7 Minutes

Martin Jetpack Flies For 7 Minutes

Personal flight device, the Martin Jet Pack, breaks new flight record…

Martin Aircraft, creators of the Martin Jetpack, has released footage of the company’s recent accomplishments in which it jetpack flew unmanned for a duration of 7 minutes.

The Martin Jetpack previously completed manned flights back in 2008, however these were only short and focused primarily on the aircraft’s ability to hover. The new unmanned tests (the figure seen in the video is a dummy/counterweight called Jetson) have now shown the aircraft’s ability to sustain a controlled hover for longer than ever before.

martin jetpack manned flight 2008

Martin Jetpack Manned Flight in 2008

Martin Jetpack

The personal flight device is not literally a jetpack as the name suggests. In fact the lift is provided by the two large ducts fans you can see on the back. And although it might not meet the criteria to officially by labeled a jetpack, it certainly plans to perform as well with the company aiming to carry a 250 lbs person for at least half an hour at a speed of 60mph.

The jetpack is currently undergoing more tests on its hover and endurance capabilities, and although there is no word on when the device would be available to early adopters, the company says those willing to invest $100,000 may be hovering around in one much sooner than us average, non-investor-type folk.

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